What would be the best steps to take if someone were shot?

Answer It depends on the location of the wound. A chest wound requires a compress to decrease the blood flow without any pressure on the chest (impaired breathing), and abdominal wounds require some press... Read More »

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What would happen if I were to get shot in the brain?

I think if you hit a certain spot, you could die. But if you hita little part of your brain it could mean braid damage ( retard)

What steps do we have to take if someone wants to give us their baby?

Congratulations! You need to contact an adoption attorney or adoption agency in your area. They can help you through the process.

What steps would your fiance have to take to sign over his rights to a child he had with a girl in West Virgina and would a lawyer have to be involved?

Answer An attorney would not necessarily be needed, but a court hearing would. The information needed for the correct procedure pertaining to state laws can be obtained from the court clerk or admi... Read More »

If you were to go on the show Survivor what would be the one item you would take with you?

GOOD QUESTION - I LIKE IT, a pair of reading glasses.1. magnify sun for first fire.2. one lens can be broken to create a small knife.3. frame can be bent into a hook for - CHEAT - before... Read More »