What would be some fundamental changes in the CPU?

Answer Seriously?You can't think of improvements since the worlds first microprocessor?- Intel 8086, the first 16-bit microprocessor (around 1976)- Intel 286 (around 1982) , it doubled the power of the 80... Read More »

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What are some changes that you would make to street signs and why?

i would require cities to cut down bushes & trees blocking them!!!

What changes would you make to the Foster Care System ?

1) make it harder to be a foster parent- to many still get through that should never get to2) if a child is abused we need to do a better job of helping the family. many things can increased the c... Read More »

What paint color and decor changes would you suggest for this room to give it a serene, but cheerful vibe?

How about sky blue for the walls ?You could even think of painting some kind of serene landscape with your painting skills :-) Like a rising sun, an ocean/sea with palm trees, a bamboo cluster, fly... Read More »

Can i look pretty if i made some drastic changes in myself?

first off, you are really pretty, i would recomend a light foundation or tinted moisturiser, mascara and a little blush/bronzer. maybe a golden brown shimmery eyeshadow, you can get these really ch... Read More »