If you could have anything for dinner tonight what would it be and who would you?

Answer mine would be, anything my wife cooks, she is the best cook I have ever had the pleasure of feeding me.I would also share it with her because she is my best friend aswell as my wife

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What would you do if facebook dissapeared forever tonight?

o.o freak out....knowing i would loose contact with my freinds who moved away....and probably ....scream? or try over and over again for an hour to logg on to the non-exsistant website. lol

What 5 item would you save if you house was on fire tonight?

The only photo i have of my baby The nintendo wiiMy glasses A pair of shoes The gold fish

What would you recomend that we have for dinner tonight?

Well, it's quite hot today so I'd go for something simple like salad, steamed fish, cous cous, new potatoes, that sort of stuff.Or even better, have a barbecue!

What would you recommend if I order some Chinese tonight?

beef lo mein and fried rice, and dont order from like a buffet, those things suck ***, the best chinese food, is from those little shops in the plazas