What would be a suitable, easy to use camera for my grandmother?

Answer That depends on how technology-savvy she is. Does she have a computer and know how to use it, at least the Word and e-mail functions? Then she's probably ready for a digital, but be aware that ne... Read More »

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If a biological father is suitable to get custody of his child what are the odds of the maternal grandmother winning?

There's no way to estimate this as there are various means, such as false allegations, to stop a father. You must prepare, keep a daily journal, and find the right attorney. see the links below for... Read More »

What would be my mother's great Grandmother be to me?

What would you think of this grandmother?

haha, very funny stuff. Much better than what I thought I was going to be reading!

I have an 1896 Kodak box camera and would appreciate knowing what the value of that camera would be today?

Hi, I know a guy who could give you a price value on your camera, he is also always in the market for antique & vintage camera's. He is very honest in his price quiot's, give him try. Herry Poster... Read More »