What would be a pleasant scent to help you relax and sleep?

Answer lavender and clary sage,or lavender and rose geranium, you only need a few drops of each if it is essential oil as it can be strong patcholi is good as well ,go for a sedating oil rather than a up ... Read More »

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Can't sleep, any ideas to help me relax and fall sleep!!?

Hi,Here is some information on Aromatherapy Products which may be of some help.Deep Relax Bath & Shower OilFor those who want to have a restful, worry free night. Let the aromatic oils of natures m... Read More »

How to Sleep in Zen Relax?

When having a hard day's night or having to sleep in a noisy or unfriendly harsh environment, or when you need just few minutes of relaxing nap in such situations, sleeping could become a struggle ... Read More »

How to Relax and Go to Sleep?

Everyone knows sleep is extremely important. It helps children to grow and minds to relax. If you don't sleep enough concentrating during the day can be hard. I for one am always tired, because I n... Read More »

What shampoo scent stays in your hair for a long time I want a long lasting scent shampoo!!?

Big Sexy, Bed Head, and Paul Mitchel are the best. But also you can spray perfume in the hair while your blow drying it because your hair cuticle opens up to heat so the scent will be trapped in th... Read More »