What would be a good topic to write a children book for 1 - 3 year olds?

Answer how about a really short story on the importance of friendship and with a lot of picture

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What are some good reasons for choosing a topic Bring Them HomeThis topic is concerning Missing Children?

The average amount of people get married at the age of 25.

Is there a good children book you would recommend ?

Topic Ideas for Children to Make a Book?

Giving students the opportunity to create their own books in the classroom is a simple way to get them interested in writing and lets them have a finished product to be proud of. Students may work ... Read More »

What is a good maths activity that is good fun for 6-8 year olds ?

flash cards,you get two teamsyou hold up a card with like2x3 on it and they have to call out the answerthe first person out of the pair to call it out gets the point for their team.i played it when... Read More »