What would be a good tattoo to get?

Answer i think tiger's face is good.or you can search on

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What would look good with this quote Tattoo?

You could have a small cluster of birds that are black and bunched together then have one bird that is more colorful flying in a different direction. Or, a cluster of dark flowers and then one flow... Read More »

What tattoo is the one tattoo you would stay away from?

anything from girlfriends names - the crossed out one night stands names (like you say) also the really big hate for me is the CRAPPY Chinese letters - i mean come on lol these things are pathetic ... Read More »

Would this be a good idea for a tattoo (first)?

In your opinion do you think any of these pictures would make a good tattoo?

3 is incredibly beautiful, and if you found a really good artist, it would be unique and dynamic.Artistically, I think it is definitely the best, it would always be powerful, and meaningful, the de... Read More »