What would be a good software for putting data such as...?

Answer MS-Excel is fairly easy to learn and use. And it will accomplish what you are wanting to do. Several example Workbooks are available from Microsoft's web site and are FREE to download.But a more ... Read More »

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What is a data mining software?

Data mining software is a program that identifies and extracts patterns from data using methods such as statistical-based, pattern-mining and subject-based data mining. Data mining software can be ... Read More »

If a cellphone has A-gps do you have to pay for data if you already have gps software?

If its already on your phone you don't need to pay for anything its automatic through satalite the only thing you might be worried about it how fast it goes some go slower or faster than others

What is the best data recovery software?

On One Hand: You Can Spend MoneyTopTen Reviews cites DT Utilities Digital Rescue Premium as the most effective data recovery program on the market. Reviewers say the program is easy to use, maximiz... Read More »

Is there any way to transfer files(data) from one pc to other via a software?

hamachi, its a networking tool, you install it, create your own private network and you can transfer files between yourself just like you were on a local network but over the internet with no size ... Read More »