What would be a good police scanner?

Answer First off, you need to find out what type of radio systems and frequencies you local cops use. You can do this by visiting the RadioReference database. Cities can use ... Read More »

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What is a good Police Scanner Antenna for my Pro 404 Radio Shack scanner?

RadioShack carries great antennas…ScannerMaster does as well…

Who has a police scanner what is HAM mean on a police scanner?

Ham on a police scanner stands for the Amateur Radio Bands. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you have either a newer Radio Shack scanner, or a bearcat scanner. The older Radio Shack scanners... Read More »

I would like to hook my police scanner up to my truck helpp?

put the prongs back on the cord, and go get an inverter that you can plug into your car's power point.

Wheats a good police scanner?

First, you need to know what type of scanner you need for what you want to listen to. A good way of doing this is to find out the frequencies and type of radio systems are used. You can do this at ... Read More »