What would be a good name for my home bakery business?

Answer The Sweet Spot. If you're looking to try to get your name out there in the food industry, check out It's an online food ordering site for restaurants and food trucks and it helps pro... Read More »

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The Requirements for an At-Home Bakery Business in California?

Although the State of California allows entrepreneurs to start and operate home bakeries, they are strictly regulated. There are many requirements that must be met in order to get clearance to run ... Read More »

Regulations in Tennessee for a Home-Based Bakery Business?

Aspiring home-based bakery owners must follow Tennessee state regulations before selling and distributing baked goods. A home-based bakery business must follow the same regulations as other Ten... Read More »

What is a good punny name for a bakery?

Kneading FrenzyThe Roll N' SconesRoll PlayingThe Donut HoleThe Gingerbread ManPath of Yeast ResistanceBatch From ScratchLet Them Eat CakeRoll in the HayThe BunneryRolling AlongLoafing AroundCrust A... Read More »

Why would it be a good idea to start a business at home?

Although business ownership can have its downside, running a home-based business offers increased flexibility and other advantages for people who like being their own boss.Types of Home BusinessTra... Read More »