What would be a good kind of mouse for a notebook comp?

Answer A regular USB mouse would work fine. They range from cheap, to expensive depending on what kind of mouse you like. For example, I have a Razer Deathadder, which is a gaming mouse, which sounds more... Read More »

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Building a pc for gaming. This is my first time and i'm kind of a noob with comp parts. Would setup be good?

Excellent build for $500Edit: "I have a compaq 5500y desktop, can i take the harddrive and dvd drive out and put them in my new computer?" - Yes, but you'll need to reinstall your operating system ... Read More »

Can a notebook mouse be used with a desktop?

A notebook mouse can be used with a desktop computer if it is a USB mouse. The USB stick plugs into the USB port on the notebook or desktop computer and communicates with the wireless mouse the sam... Read More »

How to Install a Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000?

Microsoft's Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is a small portable mouse designed for laptop owners who want an external mouse to use with their computers while on the go. The mouse has a scroll wheel, ... Read More »

How do I install a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000?

Press and hold down the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse until the light on the bottom of the mouse alternates between red and green; this means the mouse is now discoverable by your compu... Read More »