What would be a good gift for someone who's lost a loved one?

Answer Traditionally, flowers are given. But even more meaningfully, a gift card for a meal with a note attached saying "Call me when you're ready, and we can go out for lunch" (or dinner), since one of t... Read More »

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Beer question: What would be a really good foreign beer to buy for the hubby as a gift?

I would say you can't go wrong with a good Belgium or German brew, almost any, and then maybe a British pub Ale like Boddingtons? irish Stout like Murphy's or Beamish or Guinness of course. mmmmmm ... Read More »

What would make you a grand aunt?

If your sister or brother had a grandchild, and you were a woman, you would be a grand aunt to that grandchild. Some people say great aunt, instead of grand aunt.

I would like to purchase a flip video for a gift and I am wondering how good they are?

I think you should go with Kodak ZxD Pocket Video Camera*Rugged, pocketable HD video*Digital blur reduction technology*Great videos in bright light or low light*Record up to 10 hours of HD video wi... Read More »

What would your niece's baby boy be in relation to the niece's aunt?

Your niece's son is her aunt's great nephew and the aunt is the son's great aunt.