What would be a good dish to prepare for somebody in a bad mood?

Answer If it's a woman, anything with chocolate...if it's a man, anything with a steak!

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Does drinking plenty of water enhance having a good mood/feeling good?

Well, water helps clean out your system of icky bad garbage that is backed in your system. When your body feels clean and healthy inside, then you are happy. Its a psychological state of mind. Your... Read More »

How to Always Be in a Good Mood?

Sometimes you are just having a really bad day, and you really just need to strangle someone. When bad things happen, it is easy to become pessimistic, and not able to appreciate life to it's fulle... Read More »

How to Get in a Good Mood?

Do you hate those days where you are in a really bad mood and you can't say anything nice? This article will give some great advice on how to get in a way better mood.

How to Wake Up in a Good Mood?

Getting up in the morning is too often a challenge. To wake cheerful and rested use a sleep strategy to ensure you get enough quality sleep. Then stick to your routine, don't scrimp on sleep. Sleep... Read More »