How to Look Good on a First Date?

Answer For girls, it can be incredibly stressful trying to make sure you look good on your first date, from beginning to end .

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How to Be a Good Date?

Being a good date is as simple as being punctual, respectful, and knowing your boundaries and those of your date.

How to Meet Good Men to Date?

Women are approached by a lot of men as they're still men who initiate the first step in most cases. Women don't fall short of men approaching them but end up adjusting/ compromising on a lot of qu... Read More »

How far after the "good by" date can something be eaten?

They will last almost for ever, the date doesn't apply to them and it is even ridiculous that they put a date on them, just use common sense.You will just notice they will get riper and sweeter.Chetak

How to Go on a Good Restaurant Date?

Ok, everyone reading this has been (or will be) invited to a restaurant by a potential boy/girlfriend. Yay for you! This is the guide which will tell you pretty much everything you need to know, fo... Read More »