What would be American equivalent to Pram?

Answer We used to call them 'baby buggies' when they looked like a bassinet on wheels, but now they are 'infant travel systems,' usually called a 'stroller.'

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What is the name of the currency in Canada that is equivalent to the American dollar?

Canada uses the Canadian dollar (CAD), according to MSN Money Central. The CAD began its upward climb against the U.S. Dollar in January 2009 when it hit $0.80 to the dollar, and came very close to... Read More »

What would be the red wine equivalent of Chardonnay...?

Merlot...or Cabernet Sauvignon....not that Im a expert

What film camera would be equivalent to a canon AE-1?

What would an NVQ Level 2 Diploma be equivalent to New Zealand?

Try posting your question in the New Zealand category. This is the Australia travel category. Wrong category!!