What would a sensory box promote for a 4-5 year old?

Answer The sensory table/box is a great tool for 4-5 yr old children! It promotes math skills as children experiment with different size containers, counting objects that are in the table etc. It also pr... Read More »

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If a 17 year old and a 29 year old had sex and a 17 year old got pregnant would he go to jail if they were engaged?

It's possible, if she (or her parents) filed a "statutory rape" complaint with the police, but it's likely that he would "merely" be obliged to pay child support for 18 years. It would depend on t... Read More »

What would happen to a 17 year old who got a 14 year old pregnant?

It will vary according to the laws of the state or country that they are in. It could be considered a sex crime in many places, but some locations have close in age exceptions or defenses.

What would happen to an 18 year old if he got a 13 year old pregnant?

Learning Experiences That Promote Physical Development for Four-Year-Olds?

Four-year-olds love to move around, and everyday experiences provide ample opportunities for learning experiences. Sometimes, though, providing structured activities can help children increase thei... Read More »