What would a chair look like if your knees bent the other way?

Answer You wouldn't need a chair if your knees bent the other way!

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Gardeners or others - Do you prefer gardening on your hands and knees or bent over with your butt in the air.?

I have a 'booty scooter' ..... and I need my 'kneeler' .... the booty scooter gets me around, and the kneeler helps me stand up again if I have a job that really needs me close to the ground...... ... Read More »

Can a computer chair hurt the knees?

A computer chair can hurt the knees if it is not ergonomically designed. There are many specially-designed chairs on the market to properly support the legs and ensure that the feet are flat on the... Read More »

Ok, serious question...I fell off of a chair and landed on my ankle with my foot bent at a 45 degree angle?

Ankle sprain or strain..been there, done that. Stay offa it as much as you can. It can take some time to heal. Most likely not broken..but of course get it checked if it worsens. Good fun.... Read More »

Severly disabled in wheelchair for life your Texan protection agent who ordered you a new chair to replace your dangerous 1 and did put your size and you received tiny chair she knew it when sales rep?

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