What would a Mexican baby who was half English look like?

Answer It depends on the genetic combination of their parents. See, 9% of Mexicans (some 10 million of them) are "white" and the baby could look just like a Caucasian, or have any combination of traits in... Read More »

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If a man that is half black and half white has a baby with a all white woman what are the odds of the baby being white skinned?

I'll have to go with white because many people i know that is like that normally they come out the same color of their mother.

If a half black half white man has a baby with a white woman what would the baby be?

Then the baby would only have 1/4 African American in him or her.

The Adoption of the English language by Mexican immigrants to the US is an example of?

If your half-sister has a baby with her stepfather who is that baby to your half-sister?

If you're asking who the baby is to the one who gave birth to it, the baby is the child of the half sister, making her the baby's mother. As for the stepfather, he would be the child's father and s... Read More »