What would a Mexican baby who was half English look like?

Answer It depends on the genetic combination of their parents. See, 9% of Mexicans (some 10 million of them) are "white" and the baby could look just like a Caucasian, or have any combination of traits in... Read More »

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If a half black half white man has a baby with a white woman what would the baby be?

Then the baby would only have 1/4 African American in him or her.

What color would a baby be if mom is black and dad is Mexican?

Usually In this case the baby will take over the color of only one Parent.But if the child were to have an abnormal color is would be either Verry dark brown or Brown

Is there a site where you can take a photo of you and someone else and see how their baby would look like?

i don't know such site, but i adore your imagination of such site

If I own a Mexican restaurant with everything you could order as much as you like, what would it be?

I'll take the seafood enchiladas, black bean quesadillas, and a ton of rice. And a lot of cervezas, por favor. :)