What would YOU like on a cake Easy question !?

Answer Well I just found some really original and delicious cake recipes.Oreo cake --- cake (Heath) ---

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Which would you like more A Regular Birthday Cake Or An Ice Cream Birthday Cake?

Just plain cake with ice cream. I don't like icing or buttercream.

I would like to design my own web site. Dose anyone know how I can find software that would be easy to use?

I would have to say find a site with tutorials on HTML and CSS.Then use notepad. Hand coding will help you understand how the website works, which will help you with current projects and projects i... Read More »

What question would you like to ask Leonardo DiCaprio?

Do you prefer to play a character who is the complete opposite of you or what you believe in and why?Thanks :)

What r some good 15 bday cake ideas for girls! i need help! i would like something outrageous!?

I have been a cake decorator for about two years and cakes with feathers and diamonds seem quite popular? like burlesque style, not so long ago i made a Gucci shoe cake and a Las Vegas themed cake ... Read More »