What would I have to do to gain muscle ?

Answer Lift and eat. Bench press, shoulder flys/shoulder press, bicep curls, pushups, and pullups are some of the best upper body exercises. To capitalize on your lifting, you need to give your body the f... Read More »

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How can i gain more muscle?

Building muscle has many benefits, according to the Mayo Clinic. It builds stronger bones, which reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis. Building muscle also helps control weight, boosts energ... Read More »

How to Eat to Gain Muscle?

For many of us, gaining muscle may conjure up images of countless hours in the gym but not necessarily how to properly feed our bodies. After all, your body needs calories and nourishment to feed g... Read More »

How Much Muscle Should I Gain in Four Months?

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What should I do to gain muscle quickly?

You want to gain your weight you should eat more dairy products, fish and meat over bread. Choose more protein food like eggs, fruits and vegetables. •You should be eating at least 2,000 calories... Read More »