What would I call this?

Answer Screen sizes are usually described by pixels, which are just tiny dots on the screen. So a display that is at 640x480 means 640 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically. The term for this is t... Read More »

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What would you call this chord?

You could call it a C#11, but it's not an accurate description as there is no 3rd or 7th.

What would you call this I can't eat in front of people.?

You probably just don't feel very comfortable having people see you in that condition, for example, I don't like to wear very exposing clothes in public but i wear whatever at home. Your body could... Read More »

Is this a real phone no. in the U.K. and if it is how would I call it from the U.S.?

011 44 7024066939011 is calling international and 44 is code for England.From a Brit in the US who always calls UK.If someone in UK was to call that number it would be 07024066939When we call it fr... Read More »

Any idea why this meat eater would feel the need to call themselves a vegetarian?

I wish it were an alternate universe. It was a strange coming together of events last night.She first posted a question asking people what they think "vegetarian" means, got several answers equati... Read More »