What words have the contraction Not?

Answer Will not: won't Shall not: shan'tWould not: wouldn'tShould not: shouldn'tCould not: couldn'tHad not: hadn'tIs not: isn'tThere are probably others, but these are the ones I know off of the top of my... Read More »

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What is the contraction of she have?

What is the contraction of there have?

What is the answer to the family reunion game The object is to remove a letter then unscramble the words They have to all fit in a category words as skiing braises burnish females freshly soldiers?

If you wish to do so and it is not taking place in a Kingdom Hall (official meeting place of Jehovah's Witnesses) then I would think it would be ok.

What three important factors have a direct effect on the heart rate and the force of contraction?

Neuronal (sympathetic and para sympathetic) hormonal (adrenaline etc ) the force of contraction also depends on Frank starling's law. these are the things my humble memory tells me.