How many times is the word"joy"used in the Bible?

Answer The word joy is used 242 times in the New International Version of the Bible. Luke 15 contains the most familiar passage about God's joy, according to The passage describes the fath... Read More »

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Is the word church used in the Catholic Bible?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the New Testament uses the word "church" to describe the society started by Jesus Christ. This word appears a varying number of times in the different versio... Read More »

How many times is the word"hope"used in the Bible?

The King James Version of the Bible contains 133 instances of the word "hope," with 44 of these found in the Old Testament and 89 located in the New Testament. The New International Version of the... Read More »

What is the most frequently spoken word used in the English language?

The most common words used in the English language, in order of frequency, are "the," "of," "to" and "a," according to World English, from a survey of British, American and Australian use in printe... Read More »

Is the Jerusalem Bible the most accurate bible version?

On One Hand: Translation of Original TextsFor an accurate bible version, the translation must be derived directly from original Greek and Hebrew texts. Translators did use the original texts for th... Read More »