What woods are safe to burn in fireplaces?

Answer Having a fireplace can be a charming and convenient way to help heat a home. Burning the wrong types of materials in the fireplace can cause a chimney fire or excess smoke in the home.WoodNearly an... Read More »

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Is pitch safe for fireplaces?

Creosote, a tarry and flammable byproduct resulting from burning wood, builds up in chimneys and fireplaces over time. It can be a health and safety hazard because creosote deposits can impede air ... Read More »

Are gel fuel fireplaces safe?

On One Hand: Gel Fireplaces Are Extremely SafeUnlike traditional wood burning and gas fireplaces, fire hazards and gas leaks are not an option when opting for a gel fireplace. This eliminates the p... Read More »

Are Ventless Gas Fireplaces Safe?

Ventless gas fireplaces are extremely efficient since all heat and exhaust is recycled into the room, rather than out a vent or up a chimney. Some wonder if these fireplaces are safe, since burning... Read More »

Are electric fireplaces safe?

On One Hand: An Element of RiskElectric fireplaces are safe. They are UL-rated for safety and there are no real flames, according to home improvement website The simulated flames and f... Read More »