What wood is used to make bows?

Answer Bows used in the United States can be made from osage orange, ash, yew, juniper, maple, locust, chokeberry, hickory, dagame, also called lemonwood, and lancewood. In some cases, bows are made of v... Read More »

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What wood is used to make violin bows?

Pernambuco was the industry standard for all wood bows because of the high quality for sound and strength. Its use is in question as the number of Pernambuco trees is dwindling from deforestation.... Read More »

What wood did Indians make their bows from?

American Indians used a variety of different types of wood to make their bows. Depending on the trees the grew in a given region, Indians made bows using wood from ash, hickory, cedar, oak, juniper... Read More »

What kind of wood is used to make archery bows?

There a number of woods used to make archery bows. They include ash, birch, black locust, black walnut, cedar, choke cherry, hickory, juniper, mulberry, oak, lemonwood, locust, red cedar, servicebe... Read More »

What wood did indians use to make bows&arrows?

Native Americans used various materials for their bows and arrows, depending on the climate and the use intended. Common woods for the bow included ash, birch, cedar, choke cherry, hickory, juniper... Read More »