What woman invented the clothes wringer?

Answer Ellen Elgin, an African-American woman from Washington D.C., invented the clothes wringer in the late 1880s. She never patented her invention, but instead sold it in 1888 for $18. She was afraid th... Read More »

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Who invented the clothes wringer?

According to a paper presented to the Society of Women Engineers, Ellen Elgin, an African American woman, invented the clothes wringer. She sold the patent to a white salesman for $18 because she d... Read More »

What size clothes does the average American woman wear?

The U.S. Department of Health cites that the average American woman wears between a sizes 11 and a size 14. The largest fit model used in the fashion industry is a size 8.References:Fox News: Size ... Read More »

Who invented clothes pins?

Clothespins were invented to securely attach items of clothing to a clothesline to allow them to dry before the use of electric clothes drying machines. The first clothespin was invented by David M... Read More »

Who invented the clothes iron?

Written records from the time indicate that the ancient Greeks used a device similar to a clothes iron as far back as 400 BC, reports Henry W. Seeley patented the first electric c... Read More »