What woman invented fire escapes?

Answer Anna Connelly patented the first metal fire escape in 1887. Connelly specifically patented the exterior staircase used for a fire escape, providing a simple, cost-efficient way to address improved ... Read More »

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What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers have in common?

What woman invented the bulletproof vest?

The bulletproof vest was invented in 1965 by a Pennsylvania woman named Stephanie Kwolek. Kwolek created the first synthetic fibers that came to be known as Kevlar, which is used to make the modern... Read More »

What woman invented the clothes wringer?

Ellen Elgin, an African-American woman from Washington D.C., invented the clothes wringer in the late 1880s. She never patented her invention, but instead sold it in 1888 for $18. She was afraid th... Read More »

In what country were fire&matches invented or discovered?

The oldest ancient fire site found is located in northern Israel. Tools and burnt flint suggest the Homo erectus people discovered how to use fire 790,000 years ago. The first matches were invented... Read More »