When a woman gives birth which part of the woman's body does the baby come out of?

Answer vagina

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How many bones are in a woman's body?

According to Kids Health, an adult woman's body contains 206 bones. Adult males and females have the same number of bones. Babies are born with approximately 300 bones, some of which fuse together ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Woman's Body Odor?

Bromhidrosis, also known as body odor, is an embarrassing and frustrating condition. Noticeable body odor does not mean that a woman has bad hygiene. Several factors, such as genetics, medications,... Read More »

How to Stimulate a Woman's Body Verbally?

Most men don't know how to stimulate a woman's body verbally and, as a result, fail to get the level of sex they desire. Fortunately, stimulating a woman's body verbally isn't really as hard as it ... Read More »

What body shape would a woman with 32"-26"-40" measurements be?

At 38-26-40, you are a slightly bottom heavy hourglass! I think it's the best shape to be. ;) Amazing curves and not too big or small, with similar bust and hip measurements and a drastically small... Read More »