What is the normal body temperature of a pregnant woman?

Answer same as it usually is - 98.6.

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What body shape would a woman with 32"-26"-40" measurements be?

At 38-26-40, you are a slightly bottom heavy hourglass! I think it's the best shape to be. ;) Amazing curves and not too big or small, with similar bust and hip measurements and a drastically small... Read More »

What is the best calcium for a 65 year old woman?

On One Hand: Food SourcesFood is the best way to get all the nutrients a body needs. However, the older the person, the less stomach acid is made to help digest food and absorb nutrients. Not only ... Read More »

Can woman become pregnant if sperm didnt enter her body?

If sperm has not entered the womans body then sperm will not come in contact with the egg so no you will not get pregnant.

Woman what is the best way to remove your chest hairs?

I'M TAKING YOU TO JUDGE JUDY.It's my breast hair, I'll do what I want.