What wire do I need for a dishwasher up to 20 amps?

Answer 12 awg .

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How many amps does a dishwasher draw?

depends on the model of the dishwasher but their should be a label on your dishwasher that tells you the amps and voltage of your dishwasher hope this helped

Why is your ac wired in 10-2 wire and your dryer wired w 10-3 wire when both are units that require 220 v30 amps?

Answer some motors, like the one in a dryer, require a nuetral. other 220 volt motors only need the two hot legs.

How many amps are needed to efficiently run a dishwasher?

Check the nameplate or in themanual for the rating of the dishwasher. If you don't have the dishwasher manual, "Google" the make and model to get the specs. Usually appliance feeds are on separate ... Read More »

How to Wire Amps?

Many external speakers in an audio system require a great deal of power to provide the desired sound at the desired volume. What takes the incoming music and increases its power is the amplifier. T... Read More »