What wire do I need for a dishwasher up to 20 amps?

Answer 12 awg .

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What gauge wire do I need to get 60 amps at 150 feet?

Four-gauge copper wire should be used for a run of 150 feet carrying 60 amps. Although the National Electric Code specifies that certain types of six-gauge wire can handle 60 amperes of current, at... Read More »

To play electric guitar at home what i need Do I need Amps and Processor, both of them?

How to Wire Amps?

Many external speakers in an audio system require a great deal of power to provide the desired sound at the desired volume. What takes the incoming music and increases its power is the amplifier. T... Read More »

How many amps does a dishwasher draw?

depends on the model of the dishwasher but their should be a label on your dishwasher that tells you the amps and voltage of your dishwasher hope this helped