What wine is best served with parrot?

Answer Deke, Put on some Jimmy Buffett tunes, shake yourself a nice margarita. (with salt on the rim). Dig out your old flowered shirt. Grill the parrot on the barbie. Sail away to Margaritaville.......... Read More »

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How much wine should be served at a wedding?

On One Hand: Experts Say a Half Bottle Per GuestMany wedding experts, such as event planners and food and drink connoisseurs, agree that each guest should be allotted a half bottle of wine. A stand... Read More »

At what temperature should wine be served?

On One Hand: Serve Red Wine Below Room TemperatureGenerally speaking, red wines should be served at slightly below room temperature. Experts say to serve red wines at 62 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.On... Read More »

Should a merlot wine be served cold?

Merlot is a type of red wine that should not be served cold. It should, however, be served at a temperature near 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly cooler than room temperature but not cold.S... Read More »

Is oyster stew served with wine?

Oyster stew should be served with wine, and there are several flavors that complement the dish. Recommended pairings include a rich white such as a white Burgundy, a new world Chardonnay or a good ... Read More »