What wine goes with rack of lamb?

Answer Lamb is a very versatile meat to pair with wine. Wine expert Karen MacNeil said in her book "The Wine Bible" that "American lamb is a perfect all around meat for wine." Lamb does, however, pair bes... Read More »

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Is rack of lamb a finger food?

I'm surprised your parents and your grandmother let you get by with that. If you were eating at home, alone. eating lamb with your fingers might be acceptable, but in a restaurant, people are expe... Read More »

Is it okay to drizzle some olive oil marinade on top of lamb rack after serving it?

you can if you want to. I use something like that for drizzling on the lamb before and during roasting then serve the lamb with Bestito Caliente, Mint Sauce, or Mint Jap salsa.I hate the flavor of ... Read More »

What is a good wine to serve with lamb?

On One Hand: Light WinesLamb itself is a rather delicate meat with gamy flavors. The wine must not drown out the lighter meat flavors, so a complex yet elegant wine like pinot noir--particularly fr... Read More »

How to Make Garlic and Red Wine Gravy for Lamb?

Try this gravy the next time you cook and serve a lamb dinner, and see how it adds and enhances the taste.