What wine goes with Pop Tarts ?

Answer I like a smooth port wine with the strawberry Pop Tarts and a nice white Zinfandel with the raspberry. Any sweet wine goes well with the other flavors. I especially like these combos at breakfast w... Read More »

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What kind of wine goes best with strawberry pop-tarts?

Hey now. Home-made wine. Just be careful of any toenails, etc...…(((Beatle))) hello sweetie!(((Sugaree))) hi hon :)

How to Make Soy Wax Tarts?

Soy wax is a high-quality and natural wax made from the soybean. Soy wax is used to make candles and tarts as well. Tarts are often called "wickless candles" and they are safer than traditional can... Read More »

How are pop tarts made?

It's a CONVEYOR belt. Poptarts are make in halves. One half with 'pockets' gets filling spray painted in, another half goes over it, flipped, then they get frosted and bagged while still warm (no... Read More »

How to Make Egg Tarts?

While egg tarts are known to have many different variations, egg tarts are not the same as English custard tarts. These egg tarts are served warm and complement tea. They are great as a small snack... Read More »