What will you have for breakfast tomorrow?

Answer there's this really badass diner near my apartment. the quality is awesome and it's sooo cheap. i think i'll have the french connection:3 slices french toast2 pieces of baconhomemade homefries10 oz... Read More »

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What is for breakfast tomorrow?

pancakes. eggs... waffles. lots of syrup.. toasted bread with butter and jam.. yum

Which from my list Do you think u will be in the mood to have for Breakfast tomorrow?

Well, since I pulled an all-nighter I'll actually be up in time for breakfast this morning and I'm gonna go with E) strong black coffee and a chicken biscuit.good morning Scooter =)

Breakfast at McDonald's Or Breakfast at Burger King Which do you like better?

mcdonalds becasue their hash browns are way better and their food is def. warmer and their food is just better im lovin it

Simple Breakfast poll. Which from this is list do you like getting your Breakfast from?

A) Sugar free Vanilla Ice Coffee (only)B) Zip!C) OmeletsD) Shari's E) French Toast or Omelets in the home kitchen!!!!!Night, Night!