What will you have for breakfast tomorrow?

Answer there's this really badass diner near my apartment. the quality is awesome and it's sooo cheap. i think i'll have the french connection:3 slices french toast2 pieces of baconhomemade homefries10 oz... Read More »

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Which from my list Do you think u will be in the mood to have for Breakfast tomorrow?

Well, since I pulled an all-nighter I'll actually be up in time for breakfast this morning and I'm gonna go with E) strong black coffee and a chicken biscuit.good morning Scooter =)

What is for breakfast tomorrow?

pancakes. eggs... waffles. lots of syrup.. toasted bread with butter and jam.. yum

I have a UA tomorrow, its an ETG test, I will have had 112 hours to clean out?

i have no idea what a " ua " or " etg " test is but if all you did is drink alcohol , the body processes alcohol at the rate of 1 drink per hr ! so unless youve mistyped the " 112 hrs " thats way p... Read More »

We have no food left in the house. Tomorrow we will be okay. I am dizzy. I need to eat something what to make?

sorry to hear but if you have like a few dollars of change go to a nearby convenience store and buy like a beef patty or like chips or a snack and stuff and stock up on snacks tilll u buy food tomo... Read More »