What will you do if you were to be GOD's assistant for a day?

Answer I am his assistant everyday. I try with all my heart to serve him and please him in everything I do and say. I am not perfect and may be precived by some as cold, or mean, but I assure you above ... Read More »

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Who were the gods of Babylon?

According to Mesopotamian scribes, there were hundreds of Babylonian gods responsible for all things in the world, such as rivers, mountains, bakery, and pottery. The name of each god depended upon... Read More »

For those who appreciate the gods of music...who are your gods of art?

The postings say that Gods and Generals is coming out on Blu-ray Will it be on DVD as well?

Will your premiums go up if you were involved in an auto accident but were not at fault?

%DETAILS% Answer No. The person is only penalized when they are the one at fault. It will not affect your insurance coverage. Answer WAIT... They might! If you're insurance claim to cover the dama... Read More »