What will you do if you see some children picking flowers in you garden?

Answer Engage them in conversation, find out who the flowers were for, and see if they had any interest in gardening. After being a youth leader, den mother and school volunteer for the last 15+ years, i... Read More »

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How do you prevent your children from picking up germs at childcare?

It's nearly impossible! As early as possible, begin teaching your kids to not put their hands (or other articles) in their mouths, to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, and to wash their... Read More »

Do you agree that picking on someones apperence is picking on gods work?

i do agree!!! no one should pick on anybody cuz they are picking on God's creation! i really never thought about it that way! thanks for asking this question. and no matter who disagrees with you, ... Read More »

How to Buy Flowers for Your Garden?

If you've ever been to a botanic garden, you've likely been amazed at what is possible when planting flowers in a garden. Lush foliage and beautiful flowers with intoxicating scents can be very imp... Read More »

Do you plant flowers in your garden ?