What will you do if child has burn?

Answer If the burn isn't severe enough to break the skin the first thing to do is to run cold water on the afected area to soothe the pain then you can use a medicated cream or lotion to rehydrate the are... Read More »

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What temperature of water would burn a child?

If you have kids, you know that kids love to play with water. The kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and the tub are the favorite places to play. The problem comes when a child accidentally turns on ... Read More »

If the legal guardian of a child let the child visit his mother and she does not return the child how do you get the child back?

Answer Contact the local police and request they accompany the guardian to the residence where the child is located. This is not an ideal solution, however a court appointed guardian is responsible... Read More »

SABC - During a class about burn treatment a student relates a story about using butter to cool a burn. How should you respond?

Butter contains proteins which could encourage infection. You should only cool the burn with water, then keep the tissue moist under a sterile gauze.

Which type of burn requires immediate medical treatment due to the location of the burn?

face, hands and feet, genitaliaFace, Hands & feet, genitalia, (all the above)