What will you do follow parents or yourself?

Answer As children grow up into adulthood they learn to make decisions for themselves. Sometimes these may be in accord with their parents wishes and sometimes not. If the parents want the child to do som... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Parents You Don't Want to Follow in Their Footsteps?

Do your parents want you to be like them, but you have other plans in mind? Here's how to break the news.

How to Follow a Religion Without Your Parents' Approval?

Church stained glass windowsEvery person should be able to follow their own spiritual path. Religious beliefs differ according to needs and feelings. At times, even family members, who have been at... Read More »

Why do children tend to follow parents' decisions?

Because children are normally around there parents for their whole lives so they become similar to their parents. Also it could be something in the genes.

Did John Travolta's son Jett die because his parents follow scientology and refused Medicine?

hmm....he had a seizure, fell and hit his head. the seizure was not from hitting his head. the articles EVERYWHERE state that. i am under the impression they did not medicate him. (the larry king i... Read More »