What will u choose a mac or a xp/vista pc?

Answer A PC with Vista/Linux dual boot..PC=Variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, supportMac=One vendor, limited options, still more expensive. Look below for more information.. Today, Macs... Read More »

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If I choose the disable hard drive option will it turn off or will i render it useless?

As long as it's not being written to or read from, unplug it and forget all the drama.

What color will i choose for my brace?

I will Choose YOU AS BEST answer if u can guess what 2+2 is!?

Wife Swap or Top Gear tonite...What will you choose?

Gotta be wife swap... Kimmy .. i'm starting to get Jealous.. you get more TD's paTROLLing your answers than I do..Dr Bad Helsingmaybe they can't figure out who I am anymore