What will they do for a fractured scaphoid (wrist)?

Answer Sounds like he did the right thing. The scaphoid bone is located on the thumb side of your wrist, close to the lower arm bones. It is shaped like a cashew nut and is almost like part of the ulna.... Read More »

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Could my wrist be fractured?

Sometimes with a wrist fracture that occurs from catching yourself like you describe, the bones maintain normal position for a day or two. The "jamming" of the bones can disguise a broken wrist te... Read More »

Maybe fractured wrist?

It could be fractured, sprained, strained or simply injured. You would have to have an X-Ray to know for sure.It may be swollen internally. Normally fractures show characteristics of bruising, bu... Read More »

Does this sound like a fractured wrist?

Sounds like it. Don't move it and go to the hospital, if it swells put ice on it

Are these symptoms of a fractured wrist?

It sounds like it, a fractured wrist hurt me more than a broken arm, it hurt just to set it on a pillow... ouch