What is the weather like in Bermuda in December?

Answer Bermuda encompasses a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean east of South Carolina. The country is a territory of the United Kingdom that is about one-third the size of Washington, D.C. As B... Read More »

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What is the weather like in Puerto Vallarta the first two weeks of December?

During the month of December, the average temperature in Puerto Vallarta is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The average daily high temperature is 81 degrees, and the average daily low temperature is 65 degr... Read More »

What is the weather usually like in the geneva area in january, will there be snow or will it just be cold?

Weather is difficult to predict for any part of the world. However and from my personal experience, it will be around 0 ° C or slightly below, there is a chance to have some snow fall. Compare wit... Read More »

What to do in Zurich during a 14 hr layover starting at 9 p.m. Saturday night in December?

After 9:00 pm, your daughter will hardly be able to see anything as it will be pitch-black at this time of the day. Sightseing will be limited to a walk up the famous Banhofstrasse (main road in th... Read More »

How to Find an Apartment in Lincoln, Nebraska?

As the capital of the Cornhusker State, Lincoln is a city of Midwestern charm, culture and history. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska, nationally renowned for college football. It's a g... Read More »