What will the risk equalisation help to ensure?

Answer You can get Travel Insurance when you have already left the UK, but there are only a few insurers who will do this, due to the risks involved. Acquiring travel insuranceI am assuming you are or wer... Read More »

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What sorts of food can I eat to ensure my unborn child will be born with brown hair and blue eyes?

The food you eat has nothing to do with it, it's what kind jeans you were wearing 3 days after conception.

I just burned myself with boiling water o my entire forearm. What can I do to ensure there will be no scarring?

This is typical of the type of question that you should seek immediate medical attention for. The bad thing about the internet is that there is this "do it yourself" mentality and everyone wants to... Read More »

Please help.....Am I at risk...What is wrong with my PC...?

Hi Pandora, (((hugs)))Either your computer network was indeed hacked by an intruder or you have a sly spyware/malware that downloaded itself onto your computer.I need to ask you some additional que... Read More »

What can be done to help soldiers manage their own off-duty risk?