What will take the smell of skunk out of a house?

Answer When threatened, skunks secrete a highly odoriferous spray to daunt predators. Unfortunately, residential areas attract the small mammals that may interact and spray associated households. Various ... Read More »

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How do I eliminate skunk smell on and in a house?

Find the SourceDetermine what was sprayed and remove it from your house to prevent the smell of skunk from transferring to other object in the house.Wash Affected Items and AreasNeutralize skunk od... Read More »

What makes a skunk smell?

The 12 species of skunks that live across North America have one thing in common--they stink. Their distinctive odor is a powerful defense against predators that can be smelled from a half-mile awa... Read More »

I want my house to smell really great, what do you do to have your house smell great?

Keep it clean......Open the windows for fresh air.....You can boil orange, cinnamon sticks, cloves, lemons, dried lavender, Verbena is a very strong lemon sent herb it smells fantastic.....combine ... Read More »

What will take the rotten smell out of a freezer?

Fill a bowl with Bicarbonate of soda and leave it in there. It is great for absorbing smells. Answer Thoroughly clean the freezer and rinse, using baking soda and water. Then leave a bowl of coffee... Read More »