What will remove moss from a lawn?

Answer Remove moss from your lawn either by hand raking or with various moss-killing chemicals, such as copper or ferrous sulfate, or potassium salts of fatty acids. These are typically labeled and sold a... Read More »

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How to Remove & Kill Moss on a Grass Lawn?

While moss may look serene in a forest or on a rocky outcrop, most homeowners do not want it in their yard. Removing moss from a grass lawn is easier than removing other types of weeds, since grass... Read More »

Types of Lawn Moss?

Some gardeners may find moss on their property and immediately run for the herbicide, but mosses can actually be used to create a beautiful lawn. Low-maintenance mosses have no roots, require no mo... Read More »

How do I kill moss on a lawn?

Apply a moss-control product to your lawn in late winter or early spring. These products generally contain ferrous ammonium sulfate. You also can use a lawn fertilizer with moss control. These mate... Read More »

Lawn Moss Killer?

Lawn moss doesn't kill grass. However, this lawn weed uses important sunlight, air and nutrients from the soil. Removing lawn moss with a fungicide is a short-term treatment option. Moss continues ... Read More »