What is the origin of the last name Childs?

Answer The surname Childs derives from the old English “cild,” meaning “child.” Originally used as a name for the oldest son of a nobleman or a youth training for knighthood, by medieval times the... Read More »

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How did you come up with your childs name?

my hubby is from sao paulo, brazil and i'm from saint louis, missouri so we wanted one of our twins to have an american sounding name and one to have a portuguese sounding name. then we got their ... Read More »

Will foam ear plugs work for keeping water out of childs ear in tub?

I think you need to use the wax ear plugs in the water...................

My childs top front tooth is very wiggly and loose, how will it come out?

I would leave her to it, unless she is asking you to do something. This is an ownership thing, it's her tooth. She is scared because she isn't ready to force such a big change, she needs time to ge... Read More »

What is the best mattress rating for a childs bed?

While there is not a universal mattress rating system, there are certain characteristics to look for when picking out a child's bed. Infants should have a firm mattress so they don't sink. As child... Read More »