What will be the most career in damand?

Answer Based on your post I would say spelling and English teachers are in great demand!

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Do you think the chk chk boom girl will get a career out of this?

I certainly hope not. A person (for fun) who lies and makes racist remarks for "seconds of fame" whilst someone lies bleeding from a stabbing is hardly someone I would want to ever see again. Thi... Read More »

How will nutrition play a role in a nursing career?

As the nursing career expands within the health care industry, Registered Nurses (RN) are working cooperatively with other practitioners to educate patients on the importance of good nutrition. Die... Read More »

How much will it cost to get your photography career started?

It depends on your place and skill level. e.g. A popular enthusiast (read contest winner) may find it easy to get funding for his studio and may also need less marketing costs.Also a small space in... Read More »

Will going to rotc help my career as a navy nurse?

If you go to Navy ROTC with Nurse option then it will greatly help you pursue a career as a navy nurse.