What will mothballs kill in your attic?

Answer Mothballs are a pest-control product made with either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, both of which are toxic. Keep these pungent little balls far out of reach of children and pets.FunctionMoth... Read More »

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Do mothballs get rid of squirrels in the attic?

While mothballs may be an effective way to remove squirrels from the attic, using them is illegal in 50 states, according to Rodent Strobe. Mothballs are made of naphthalene and emit fumes that are... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic With Mothballs?

Bats are the only mammals that can actually fly. They are brown or black in color, and more active at night than during the day. Bats feast on insects; however, they can bite a human or animal if t... Read More »

Will mothballs kill silverfish?

Mothballs don't kill silverfish because silverfish don't like to eat them, but you may sprinkle mothballs around or inside containers that hold papers to repel the insects with the mothballs' punge... Read More »

Do mothballs kill mice?

Mothballs do not kill mice, but their odor repels mice and rats from homes and gardens. To work effectively, mothballs must be placed where mice hide, such as behind furniture and near floor basebo... Read More »