What will manic panic turquoise blue dye come out like on dark brown hair?

Answer The other person who answered is wrong about the second part about cutting it off. Because Manic Panic is a semi permanent dye, it'll eventually wash out. Especially if you just pu t it on your own... Read More »

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What color might my hair turn out if I dye Manic Panic blue over Faded brown black?

It will still be dark, but it will have that tint of blue to it, you know? Black doesn't go far with anything.

If a guy has dark hair and dark brown eyes and the girl has red hair and brown eyes what would their baby look like?

Well, no one can really say because not only does the baby take after its mothers and fathers traits but it also matters on what the grandparents, aunts, and uncles looked like. If it were up to me... Read More »

If i uses manic panic pillar red dye on my natural black hair how will it turn out and how long does it last?

Using manic panic pillar red on naturally black hair will not turn your hair bright red, it may at the most give it a tint of red. Natural black hair is still too dark to use bright colour hair dye... Read More »

Manic Panic Price of Hair Dye?

Between 6.99 & 12.99…