What will make you fatter... rice, pasta or bread?

Answer It's not only the calories - it's how you eat it as well. If you're eating pasta, you're also likely to be eating it in a rich sauce - this may be calorific if it has a lot of fat in it, and its s... Read More »

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When building my abs should i avoid food like pasta, rice and bread?

if your not doing a lot of cardio and other exercise you should lower your intake, but should never take them out completely.However, you should be doing cardio to get your heart rate up and then f... Read More »

What is your favourite carb Bread,rice,Potato's,Pasta, Ect.?

How to Make Bread Machine Pasta?

Most homemade pasta recipes involve mixing the pasta with your hands, which can be quite messy. If you have a bread machine lying around, you can make it do most of the work for you!

How to Make Lemon Zucchini & Rice Pasta?

If you're craving vegetables and pasta, don't bother eating some plain spinach ravioli, instead, why don't you try "lemon zucchini"?