What will make health insurance more affordable for small businesses?

Answer On One Hand: The 2010 Health Reform BillAmong its many facets, one item in the 2010 health reform bill will make health insurance more affordable for small businesses. The bill provides tax credits... Read More »

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How to Buy Affordable Health Insurance?

It goes without saying - your health is critically important.Buying into a health care plan, whether it is a group plan or an individual plan, is a necessary expense in today's America. While medic... Read More »

How to Get Affordable Short Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance is a valid option for people who do not need coverage for a long period. Short-term health insurance, or temporary health insurance as it is sometimes called, provides a... Read More »

How to Find Affordable Ohio Health Insurance?

You must visit a reputable website based in Ohio and make certain your name is not being sold to other brokers.

How can you get affordable family health insurance if you are self-employed?

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed While the health care and health insurance debate is continually changing in our nation, the reality still remains that the individual, the small business and... Read More »