What will kill worms on lemon trees?

Answer Worms on lemon trees come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from the orange dog caterpillar to citrus leaf miners. There are just as many choices of natural and biological remedies to kill the w... Read More »

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How do I kill army worms on apple trees?

ManualMow and trim weeds from under the tree to remove the army worm's main environment. Remove the worms by hand from the tree and put them into a bucket of soapy water.PesticidesPrepare an army w... Read More »

How to Kill Worms at Home on Corn & Trees?

Pests on corn and trees cause damage to crops and the pant's structures. The most serious sweet corn pest is the earworm, according to The University of Kentucky. Earworms feed off of the corn kern... Read More »

Does Tobacco Juice Kill Worms?

Tobacco juice, the result of soaking cigarettes or raw tobacco leaves in water, can kill harmful worms and insects in your garden and was believed in the past to kill intestinal parasites as well. ... Read More »

How to Kill Tape Worms in Cats?

Tapeworms are very common intestinal parasites that regularly infect dogs and cats. Tapeworms are often acquired by cats that either live outside full time or venture outside during the day. They m... Read More »